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Obamacare glitch gives medicaid to middle class

Up to 3 million middle class Americans could qualify for Medicaid because social security benefits would no longer be counted as income for determining eligibility.  A married couple could have an annual income of $64,000 and get nearly free health insurance intended for the poor according the the Health and Human Services Department.  Medicare actuary… Read more »

Obamacare Predictions Wrong Again!

The healthcare reform’s Pre-Existing Condition Insurance Plan was expected to be overwhelmed with applicants who wanted to buy health insurance but were denied by insurers.  The government’s prediction of 375,000 enrollees in April of 2010 is woefully incorrect, with only 22,000 enrolled since enrollment began 10-months ago.  Is there a fundamental misunderstanding of the uninsured problem by Obama? … Read more »

Hospitals Allegedly Perform Double CT Scans On Medicare Patients

The NY Times reports that hundreds of hospitals across the country performed two CT scans in succession on medicare patients, which is rarely necessary, yet some hospitals were doing that more than 80% of the time needlessly exposing patients to radiation.  Hospitals and radiologists are paid more for the double scans, running up claims and healthcare costs.