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Partially Self-Funded

We have years of experience in self-funded and partially self funded health insurance. If you feel your health insurance premiums are higher than your claims, a partially self-funded plan may lower your premiums, provide refunds if claims are lower than expected, while ensuring that any unexpected large claims are paid by the insurance carrier.

We will analyze the expected claims for your group and provide the lowest cost options, whether partially self-insured or fully insured, or individual coverage health reimbursement arrangement programmes.

We currently work with the following carriers:

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Fully Insured
Fully insured plans provide predictable premiums for the contract year. For groups of 1-50 employees we represent all carriers licensed to sell in Maryland and Delaware. For groups with 51+ our carriers represented include: Carefirst BCBS, United Healthcare, Optimum Choice, Aetna, Cigna and, Highmark BCBS in Maryland and Delaware. Our third party administrators include Meritain, Integra, Coresource, UMR (a United Healthcare Company) and Carefirst Administrators to name a few.